4 Latinx Film Projects to Follow

This is the launching of P.B.U. Journal. Here, we search the web for tidbits on happenings and news from the Post Barrio Universe. And we present them with commentary. In this installment, we have some information on four promising film projects that may interest you.

New Documentary on Afro-Latinos

YaYa Vargas writes in UrbanLatino about a documentary that explores racism within the various Latin American communities. Afro-Latinos: The Untaught History, gives voice and visibility to these marginalized brothers and sisters. The film presents the history behind the horrific conditions under which many Afro Latinos live in the Americas. This history and the current systemic racism in many Latinx cultures is a topic that must be addressed. As is the hypocrisy of these nations claiming non-racist societies while neglecting their Afro Latinx citizens. The film is seeking financial support, so if you can, donate to this worthy project.

Two Standouts at Cannes Film Festival

Ana Maria Enciso Noguera reports in Al Dia that despite the cancellation of the physical Cannes Festival due to Covid, there was good news for Latinx film in the selection process. Fabian Hernandez (above) was selected as one of 16 L’Atelier directors for his promising film, Un Varon. It’s about a young man who explores his sexual identity. Broken English Productions entry, 7th & Union, made the selection. The film, directed by Nuyorican/Producer Anthony Nardolillo (Shine), stars Omar Chaparro and Edy Ganem.

New York Film Festival Open for Submissions

Reminder to aspiring Latinx screenwriters and directors: The New York Latino Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for 2020. The Festival will be launching a new website, but you can check last year’s website here. If you’re new to the NYLFF, Manuel Betancourt’s excellent piece of the best from 2019 should help you get up to to speed.

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